Dec 13, 2012

~about Kraken Stories~

Kraken Stories is thing Hilde, MaRy and I do, because we all have plushy air krakens. They will send each other messages or show them interesting things they found. Maybe you are also interested in their stories ;)
Albert and Cutethulu already did a small story at Emporium Vernesque, you can find it here in Hilde's livejournal. Based on that we want to make some further stories, so here we go^^

Well then, this is Mildred's (Albert's sister) answer to Cutethulu's message (the first part of our current story) and to Kraky:

"Hey guys,
after Albert read the poem, he felt like he should to something to become stronger, so he left for the gym...

I'm not sure, if they have exercise machines for eight arms..."

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