Dec 4, 2012

~about what I did on ILD~

Another International Lolita Day passed without me thinking really about it^^
I had an editorial meeting for the Clockworker that day (the first time ever), so not much time for me to dress up. But since I had to do a project for Visual Anthropology which was to make a photo series containing a human and a process or some kind of transformation I did it with Lolita (and Steampunk since I had to leave for the editorial meet-up).

This is what I came up with:
Getting dressed in Casual Steampunk Lolita (tumblr / dA)

undies: no comment
tights: C&A
bloomers: Bodyline
shirt: pimkie
petticoat: Classical Puppets (taobao)
skirt: Boguta (taobao)
vest: Takko
hat: H&M
boots: Deichmann
book bag: taobao (forgot the shop, I'll look if anybody is interested)
coat: Infanta (taobao)

I hope you like it and had a happy International Lolita Day!

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