Mar 17, 2013

~about the Air Kraken Day~

Dear Followers and those who may have stumpled upon my blog: Today is Air Kraken Day (yes and also St. Patrick's Day). So my krakens and me wish you a
(Crocheted by me, only the brown one was knitted by my friend Hilde, thank you again!)

So watch the skies as the Great Northern Air Kraken return to their nesting grounds.

You don't know what Air Kraken Day is?
Well it's kind of a Steampunk Holiday established back in 2007 in the Brass Goggles Forum. It's always on March, 17th.

Tinkergirl gave some further information about the subject at Brass Goggles:
Some of you may be aware of the scourge of the skies – the deadly Air-Kraken.  Though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote of them (The Horror of the Heights), and the whole ecology supporting these sky based terrors, they seem to have been mostly forgotten about.  Well, with March being the height of their mating season, it’s as good a day as any to look warily to the skies and remember the mighty Air-Kraken.
It is of course, St. Patrick’s Day also, so perhaps you’ll take a glass or two of whatever tickles your fancy, and look to the skies to see if you might by chance spot an Air-Kraken flitting between the clouds – it’s probably the very best time to do so.  Current theories believe them to be either semi-transparent and made from mostly aerogels, or alternately colour-changing like water-based squid and supported aloft by sacs of hydrogen.
And as the Clockworker lets us know even Wikipedia has knowledge of the  Atmospheric Beasts.

The Telegraph UK even gave a proof of Air Krakens existing!

But what do do today?
You decided wether you hide from all the beasts floating around the sky OR you grab your pet kraken for a walk like me and my friends Hilde and MaRy. We decided to dress up for the occasion and as luck would have it my local Steampunk group has a meet-up today ;) (I'll show you the pictures later ;) )

If you are interested in krakens, octopus, squids etc. you might like Hilde's and my joined Tumblr: Air Kraken Adventures. We post a lot of our own krakens there but also other awesome kraken related stuff, so feel free to have a look.

I'm interested what you did today. Anything Kraken related? Or more sympathy for St. Patrick's Day? Or just a normal Sunday?

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