Mar 21, 2013

~about the Spymuseum and my Air Kraken Day~

So last Sunday (17th March) was Air Kraken Day. As I already told you, my local Steampunk group had a meet-up:
(Nearly) the whole group
Picture made by our gorgeous waitress
(It was kind of  "the day of the Steampunk meet-ups, because in Germany and Switzerland there were four at the same time! If you want to read about the other ones (and understand German) you can check the Clockworker for it.)

We meet at 11.15 at the Brauhaus Zeche Jacobi in Oberhausen. Luckily I had a table reserved for us because the restaurant was really full! Originally 13 people were at the list for the event, but we ended up being 17, so it was a bit cramped at the table, but nothing we couldn’t handle. We had an awesome lunch and dessert and coffee afterwards and spent almost three hours at the brewhouse. We changed seats every now and then (mostly when some of the guys went outside for smoking^^) so you had the chance to talk to everybody. 
Our waitress was so kind taking a group picture, which you can see at the beginning shortly before we left. (Unfortunately one is already missing here.) 

We only had to walk some few meters to get to the Spy museum. But since the brewhouse and the spy museum are located at the CentrO Oberhausen which is a huge shopping mall with different museums around it, it was very crowed even on a Sunday. Especially families which wanted to go to the cinema, Legomuseum or Sea Life so we had to stop quite often to answer questions about our appearance. Three guests left us here, so we were 13 Steampunks left, that visited the museum. 
ALL the guns...
 At the museum itself we split into smaller groups. Honestly: I LOVED the museum. The concept is really great, for adults as well as or children. You learn something about the history of espionage, agent services, prominent spies, spy movies, internet spies, and so much more. There is a lot of stuff you can try yourself, like Morse code, or brake a safe, night vision gear and so on. If you ever come to Oberhausen you should really visit that museum, it’s totally worth it!
Funnily our group reunited at the museum shop at the children’s toys^^ They had golden guns, for 2€… An opportunity a crafty Steampunk will not miss (I bought two myself^^).
After that we bid farewell and headed home.
I took my tiny octopelius and the even tinier, still nameless purple kraken to the meet
Since it was Air Kraken Day I had to take some pictures with my krakens, and pictures of other people with my krakens, AND some sky watching pictures^^
Mini octopelius on my hat^^
More kraken on hat
another kraken on a hat
Kraken on gun!
Kraken themed head gear...

...and jewelry!

Hilde, MaRy and I had decided before to dress up together and take some outfit snaps, which I don’t want to hold back. Here's Hilde's entry for Air Kraken Day. 
Hilde's awesome outfit and her krakens!
Hair flower: H&M
Goggles: some random Cyber brand
Scarf: taobao
Tailcoat: my own design, made it myself
Wristcuffs: my own design made them myself
Cardigan: Primark
Skirt: made it myself
Petticoat: Dear Celine
Nylons: American Apparel
Woolen socks: Hema
Boots: Clio
(Copyright 2013 Bert Van den Wyngaert)

Unfortunately Mary forgot to take an outfit snap but at least she made a photo of her krakens having pizza^^. 

Since I like to give away some of my krakens, I like to present them to you with their new owners ;) 
Lord Krokus sitting on Aleksander's top hat
Sir Arthur Conan Kraken of Abney Park at the concert in Eindhoven
Caro/Sheris and Castillus, her octopelius.
Sissy Voss (bassist of Coppelius) and me at the concert in Nürnberg,
together with the tiny octopelius

I hope you all had a great Air Kraken Day!
Watch the skies!
Kraken everywhere!
 You can find more pictures of the meet in my flickr-album.


  1. Sehr coole Bilder :) Die Minikraken sind ja echt niedlich <3

  2. es war ein gelungener tag!!!

  3. I love your blog and pictures! ^-^
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