Jan 24, 2014

~about my lolita wardrobe~

 So, there's a lolita tradition during January: the wardrobe post on egl. For those, who don't know it: egl stands for Elegant Gothic Lolita but is also a main description of the lolita fashion style in general. The egl community on facebook is one of the most active international ones.

During january the theme is "Wardrobe post" which means that every lolita can post pictures of her entire closet and show off their clothes!

Although I wear lolita since around 2008 I never made a wardrobe post until now. I finally jumped on the band wagon and did:

(at least the most part of it) 

Since I wear lolita on a nearly daily basis (mixed with mori/dolly kei as well as steampunk elements) I've got a lot of plain pieces. Most of my clothing is off-brand or hand-made, I only got some few brand pieces.
The rest is mainly classic pieces with flower patterns and/or plainer gothic or steampunk pieces. 
Since the last two years (at least) I mainly only buy and sew lolita pieces if I can also wear them for steampunk, so my choice of clothes is somewhat limited. But just have a look yourself ;) and tell me what you think of it! (I'm curious)

(And if you are curious what I make out of that wardrobe, you can see some outfits at my daily_lolita entries or at my deviantArt

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