Feb 2, 2014

~about my Steampunk year 2013~

A review

So, as I haven't done a lot of event reviews from the last year I want to give you an overview on what happened (concerning steampunk) during 2013. 
As I meet a lot of really awesome people I thought it might be the perfect thing to start the "Steampunk hands around the world" project here on my blog. 
(If you've missed the announcement, you can find it here)

Well then, let's start


The first month of the year was still relatively quiet. There was only one event on the 26th where I wore full Steampunk and that was the Elysium Night organised by the talented seamstress, photographer and model Natalia le Fay.
I already did a whole post about the event here but still I want to show you some photos here.

It was really fun to do something with my lolita "family" again and also to see some fellow steampunks in non-steampunk outfits. 
My outfit of the evening: Steampunk Lolita
The de Loryva family


At the evening of the 22nd was the first ever concert of Abney Park at the European Mainland. It was part of the Phantasium in Eindhoven. Together with Hilde Heyvaert I did an interview with the band. It was actually one of our first collaboration between the Gatehouse Gazette and the Clockworker. (I will write more about it later this month.)
You can find Hilde's English version here at the Gatehouse Gazette and my translated German version here at the Clockworker.
Hilde and me before the concert (c) 2013 Bert Van den Wyngaert
(I honestly really like this picture!)


So the first thing in March was the publishing of the 11th issue of the j-music and -fashion magazine BCM which is run by Hilde. This issue was dedicated to Steampunk and I was in it for the section of "lolita extraordinaire".
I did write an entry about the issue here.

On the 17th of March then there was the International Airkraken Day. Lucky enough my local community had a meet-up that day at the Spymuseum Oberhausen. Before that, we had lunch together and the waitress was so kind to take a group picture:

And of course I needed to take some airkraken pictures as well
The whole event review can be found here.

On the 6th I went to the Jahrmarkt Anno dazumal together with part of the de Loryva family. It was not strictly Steampunk, more historical, but I also wear that outfit with my steampunk stuff.
(Plus that was basically the only slightly steamy thing in April for me)
Having fun with the girls
The whole event review and more photos can be found here. I'm really looking for this years edition of the funfair, which will be from the 19th to 27th April, but more about upcoming events in the next post ;)
On the 4th and 5th of Mai Germany's first Steampunk Convention the Aethercircus took place in Stade. The Steampunk Expedions Gesellschaft set up their camp for the first time officially.
We had a lot of fun with the nerf guns there, so we decided to mod some more for our upcoming camps.
The whole event report can be found here, some more photos are uploaded here.
And if you want to learn more about our steampunk camp you should visit www.steampunk-expeditionen.de

Next thing in Mai was the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig from the 17th to the 20th. Not specificly steampunk, but I wore Steampunk nearly all four days. Last year I did a a five parted review of the event (which can befound under the WGT tag), but this year I didn't have the time for it and I have to apologise because I announced it but didn't do it. But at least I'll show you all the steamy outfits now:

Day 1 - Victorian Picnic
Since a picnic is a freetime activity I decided to wear the most comfortable victorian outfit: my bathing suit, made from a vintage pattern

Day 2 - Steampunk Picnic

Lady Luching and I decided to do a Steampunk Ero Lolita twin:
Bloomers are made by me ;)
On Day 3 I wore Mori Kei, so no picture of that but Day 4:

Steampunk Lolita again
That is actually the outfit that got into the Gothic Lolita Bible.

On the 14th was International Steampunk Day, so I dressed up and took some photos at home after work.
I did a small photo story which can be found here.

On the 6th was the Nacht der Industriekultur (night of industry culture) where we went together with the local community. The event itself takes place at different indurial museums all over the Ruhrgebiet.There is live music, exhibitons, readings and much more. We decided to go to Schloss Broich. (Actually that wasn't such a good choice because when we went to get something to eat it took us nearly 3 hours to finish >_<)
group photo (I didn't get a picture of myself though >_<

The next day, on the 7th was the filming of Violet's music video of Prometheus where I was a background actor.
Photo by Jara Reker
Here's the result: 

On the 20th and 21th then was the Amphifestival. Another non-steampunk specific event where I wore steampunk and also met other steampunks. (I did an event report for the Clockworker with some photos.)
Picture by colorful-darkness.de
Together with Miss Gia LaFae
Photo by Lycilia Art

It was damn hot that weekend >_<

And it that wasn't enough for one month there was the Dutch European Steampunk Convention from the 26th to 28th in Meppel. We set up camp again with the Steampunk Expeditions Gesellschaft
I went for a more oriental look the first day
The second day I did Steampunk Post girls together with Hilde

In August there were several music festivals but none steampunk specific. I did wear steampunk though, at least casual. Like this Casual Steampunk Pirate at M'era Luna.
Epic Screwdriver Fight with SeBa

Or this one at Feuertal:
Polaroid together with Graf Lindorf from Coppelius
(Both times I went to photograph Coppelius, those following me on facebook might have noticed that I take a lot of pictures of them and most of the time I wear Steampunk as I consider them being a Steampunk band but I decided to not include all those concerts and festivals here, mostly because I haven't got outfit photos^^
If you are interested in the concert photos you can see them here on my flickR together with some few other artists. I may write an entry just about that sometime later this year)
On the first of September was the "Kaiserwagenfahrt" with the Schwebebahn in Wupptertal. They have a waggon have that is said to have been used by the Kaiser himself. 
After the ride we went to have lunch/coffee together.

And again: Steampunk Lolita it was
From the 13th to the 15th then it was the last time for the Steampunk Expeditions Gesellschaft to set up camp. This time at the Elfia (formerly known as Elf Fantasy Fair) in Arcen.Together with the Steampunk Objective we gave life to the Steampunk area.

In October there was not so much Steampunk stuff, but I did an interview with Voltaire, which also dealt with his connection to steampunk.
The German translation was published at the Clockworker, the (extended) English version was published here on the blog.

In November I was invited to the SWR (a German TV program) to give an interview about Steampunk. Luckily there was a local meet-up I could join the day on the 17th before and so I took the chance to meet some people I normally only see once or twice a year.
Photo by Claire Victoria

"Where's the airship?"
Me, Oleander and Claire Victoria
 On the monday then, 18th of November, I went to the studios and did that interview. They also used parts of a bigger documentation we've been filming before and which was published a week later. I did write an entry about it. Unfortunately both, the interview and the documentation are in German only but I asked if I may make subtitles for the documentation. I hope I can do that and share it then.
Together with Nicole - Photo by in.puncto
No events for december... (I did some interviews but no pictures and some concerts, but as I stated above, I'll maybe write something about that in a seperate entry.)

Well then, that was My Steampunk Year 2013!
I want to thank all the awesome people I meet during this time and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year! (Okay... the eleven month that are left :))
I'll post a preview of the events I plan to attend in 2014. So stay tuned!

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