Feb 4, 2014

~about an upcoming album~

The German Steampunk Metal band Aeronatica just announced their first album "Sturmzeit"

They already published the EP "Maschinengeist" in 2012. Back then I did an interview with Felix and Tobias for the Clockworker (in German obviously) and I did some concert photos at the Aethercircus 2013 in Stade. It was a shame they only could play a short set there.
The whole set on my FlickR
But: I saw them at the Dutch European Steampunk Convention again. (Unfortunately I took no pictures there >_<)

I really liked those performances and I'm looking forward to the album. PLUS I'll be photographing them again on the 22nd of February at the "Metal for mercy". (If you happen to be around, let me know ;) )

Those who read my "thoughts on steampunk music" know that I have a very critical view of the term "Steampunk Music" and "Steampunk Band" (if you haven't read that entry yet, I recommend reading it and please: leave me your opinion there :) ) so in this case we have a band with the steampunk look and steampunk-themed music ;), which I really recommend listing to, even if you don't understand German, the music is worth it!

Well... and now I hush away quietly and wait for the album to be released ;)
If you have any more (steampunk related) music recommandations for me: leave me a comment! I'm glad for new input!

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