Feb 9, 2014

~about planned Steampunk events 2014~

A preview


As I promised in my review of 2013 I want to give you an outlook of my Steampunk year 2014.

As january is already over and I did nothing steampunk-y due to university, I have to leave it out, but there are 11 months left with upcoming events.

Actually my steampunk year started today, Feb 9, with a meet-up of my local comm "Dampfkraftgesellschaft Rheinprovinz". We went to meet at Oberhausen at the Café Gdanska for a brunch.

22. Feb
Metal for Mercy, concert of Aeronautica (Steampunk Metal) who just announced their first Album


12. Teegesellschaft + Luftschiff Party Berlin

A small LARP afternoon/evening plus a Steampunk Party in Berlin!
I wanted to go to one of the Lustschiff parties since last year, but Berlin is so far away just to travel there for a party...
Plus my favourite band Coppelius has a concert in Berlin the day before.
(Just a quick note: although I consider Coppelius a steampunk band, I don't list their concerts here, because I'm going to A LOT of them ;) so it might bore you to see all of them here (in 2013 I saw them 13 times...)

19.-21. Elfia Haarzuilens
This will be the first event for the Steampunk Expeditionsgesellschaft to set up camp this year. I'm really looking forward to see the Dutch Steamers again ^_^

18.-27. Jahrmarkt Anno Dazumal  open air museum Kommern
Not strictly Steampunk, but when you wear kaiserzeitliche (victorian) clothing you don't have to pay for the visit. So most Steampunk attire minus the gadgets fits in there very well. And I like the atmosphere a lot (and the museum stuff involves guests in period clothing into the general scene, like getting greetings from the Gendarmie ^_^
one of last year's acts: Doktor Marrax and Pavel Söhne

3+4. Aethercircus Stade

Germany's Steampunk convention and the next place for the Expedition Team to set up the again. From the applications it will be our biggest camp so far!

Role Play Convention Cologne
 As the name states: a convention for every kind of role play games, either table top, online, or live acting.
We're going to visit togther with the steampunk crowd. Normally there's also the Steampunk Soiree in the evening of saturday. Which is a get totgether of steampunks just for talking and stuff.

6.-9. Wave Gotik Treffen - Leipzig
On Friday (6th) there will be Viona's Victorian Picnic followed by the Steampunk Picnic on Saturday.

14. International Steampunk Day
THE Steampunk Holiday :)

28. "Langer Tisch" in Wuppertal
Literally meaning "long desk", it's a city festival where they set up a really long desk and you can sign up for one part of it, celebrating the day together. We want to go there with the steampunk comm, but nothings fixed yet.

12. Victorian Picnic Isenburg
Another community meeting, organised by my friend Nici

25.-27. Dutch Eurpean Steampunk Convention
Powered by The Steampunk Objective, and again another date for the Steampunk Expeditionsgesellschaft to set up camp. I really enjoyed ths event last year and I'm definetly looking forward to this year's edition (and I hope I can stay longer this time!)

1.-3. Castle Fest
 Another festival where we might set up camp, but nothing fixed yet.

9.+10. M'era Luna
I had A LOT of fun last year so if the crowd from 2013 is going I defintely will be there!

A little capture of the stuff we did:

15.-17. Alt-Fest
First festival within reach for me with a Steampunk only stage! I really really hope I can get there somehow!
(Aeronautica, Daniel Malheur, Professor Elemental... do I need to say more?)

20.-21. Elfia Arcen
Next time setting up the steampunk camp.
(You see that I'm mostly around with the Exedition team^^ We always need new expedition members, if you are interested to join in on one of the events ;))

So that is it at the moment. No plans for October-December so far, but I'm sure there will be some local meet-ups and stuff. The year needs more weekends!

Will you be at one of them? Several? Let me know so we can meet there!
I always like to meet new people, too.

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