Nov 30, 2012

~about Tumblr and a late Tardis Day~

Okay first of all: I decided to only post in English from now on, because I don't have the time to translate and I believe that most of you, my dear readers understand English.

Since I don't have much time besides university and work I don't visit that much events, but I do have some lfet to tell you about when I find a free minute or two to get myself to write. Until then I wanted to let you all know (if you don't know already) that I also have a Tumblr which name is *surprise surprise* Ruffles and Steam and that I'm a bit more active there. So if you are interested in Steampunk and Lolita related pictures and news, make sure you'll visit me there.

By the way: If you have some Steampunk and/or Lolita outfits feel free to submit them at my Tumblr!
I also have a second tumblr which is dedicated to Mori, Dolly and a bit of Cult Party Kei, the name is Lace and Layers (been so creative :-P).

Well last but not least a quick outfit snap from Nov. 23th which was the Doctor's 49th birthday, so I decided to wear something tardis and timetravel inspired.

Late Happy Tardis Day then!
shoes + skirt: Bodyline
vest: Takko
tights + shirt: C&A
scarf: local market