Nov 18, 2013

~about Steampunk at German TV~

Today I spent the day at the South-West German TV studios: I was invited to be a guest at the show in.puncto which will be aired in a few minutes at 22.15 (UTC+1:00) at EinsPlus.

The Teaser Picture^^

It’s obviously in German, but maybe you want to have a look at the pictures. Nicole, the moderator, asked me several things about steampunk in general, the German scene, the DIY aspects of steampunk, steampunk events, music and much more. I got to talk a lot about the stuff I like *yay* Besides me at the studio there are short sequences of a longer documentation about steampunk which will be aired next Sunday, 24th November at 22.15, also on EinsPlus. The show is called “Leben!”)
You’ll see some pictures of Violet’s Steampunk Music Video “Prometheus”, this year’s Elfia in Arcen and you also get a glimpse of my flat (for the curious ones).

Here's a teaser: Nicole and me having fun with the bubble gun^^

I hope you have to time to watch it, if you have, please tell me what you think! (And don’t miss the documentation next Sunday! It will be about 20 minutes all about Steampunk which René Habitzl made together with Sven Möller better known as Admiral Aaron Ravensdale from and me.)

And as I’m writing this EinsPlus already made it available here: 

I really, really like how many friends and fellows are in there, too. Wether by name, or appearance or in the case of bands by background music.
To name but a few:
...and of course lots and lots of personal friends, fellow steampunks etc., I can't all name. 
At this point I really want to thank all the awesome people I met during the past three years! I cannot say how much you all encourage me to do all that Steampunk Stuff!

This entry would not be complete if I would thank all the ones that made that interview/video possible today! René, who did an awesome job on the filming at Elfia, Erfindertreffen and my home (and for respecting all those, that didn’t wanted to show up at TV!), Nicole, for letting me shot her with my Bubble Gun, Niko for NOT using that particular still of me for the internet advertisement (seriously, I think it was hilarious >_<’) and of course the whole SWR and the crew I met, for being that nice and making me really enjoy that day! (Maybe I can come again some when…?) 

I hope that all you, my readers, enjoyed that video even if you may not be able to understand German and that you will watch the documentation with even MORE awesome pictures next sunday!
(If that video goes online I'll share it, too of course!)