Jan 18, 2013

~about a new romantic ball~

Next week, at the 26th of January to be precise, there will be the first edition of the Elysium Nights, a new series of dark-romantic balls around Cologne.

The first theme is the "Dark Fairytale at the Haunted Grotto" and will take place at the Restaurant Em Silo in Pulheim.
The tickets are still sold for 15€ here. But only until tomorrow evening! So make sure you order your tickets quick if you want to come, too! (There will be tickets sold at the door for 20€ if you decide to come last-minute...)

You can find mor information about the event on facebook and here at the website.

I did an interview with the two organisers of the event Natalia and Marina, which can be found at the Clockworker, if you are interested (it's in German).

I'm really looking forward to this event (although I haven't decided yet what to wear >_<') because it's a real alternative to the Gala Nocturna this year. First of all I don't have to travel all the way to Antwerp, plus I don't really like this year's theme (which is "The Pope's Daughter - Vatican Renaissance). Well, and to be honest: I think 35€ is just to much for what you get, especially since I have to pay transport and a hostel...

In Addition to that a lot of people I know will be at Elysium Night, too, which is always a plus^^

So my dear followers, are you going, too? If yes, what will you wear? I haven't decided yet >_<