May 13, 2013

~about the Jahrmarkt Anno Dazumal~

Allright, university takes up all my time lately, so I need to report to you on two events before this year's Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig starts on Friday, I hope I can do that.

The week after Easter the Jahrmarkt Anno Dazumal took place at the Openair Museum Kommern. It’s a historical funfair with attractions from the Wilhelminian era/Victorian Age until the 70ies.

ALL the sweets
The organization of the funfair had opened an application for people dressed in historical clothing from the Victorian/Wilhelminian era to get free entry so me and parts of the family de Loryva decided to take the chance and dress up.

Maybe you remember the video I posted about our first Jahrmarkt Anno Dazumal, two years ago. If not: you can find it here:
Since we missed the one last year, I went twice this year xD: The first time on Easter Monday together with mum. It was freezing cold then and I was so glad I took Rüdiger (my fox fur) with me. 
Easter Monday
The second time was together with the lolita clique the Sunday after Easter. Luching celebrated her birthday on Saturday so we slept over and went altogether the next day. Fortunately it was the first day this year with really good weather and warmer temperatures.
From right to left: Kitty, Baku, Luching, Harcole and me
Since I had just finished two Victorian bustles (some might have seen the brown one on my tumblr and/or dA) so I borrowed her the blue one. 
Fortunately we all got the free entry and not only that: we also got food and drinks for one Euro less! I really like that event and I have to thank Dr. Faber once again for this opportunity!
I believe we were quite an impressive group and the other visitors took quite some pictures of us. Plus the museum is a perfect background.
Bob going "Manta Manta"
Now onto the funfair itself: As I already told you they had attractions dating back to the Victorian Era as well as a program filled with acrobats, magicians and even a beheading!
Here are some impressions: 

Dr Faber showing the head after the beheading
Duo Unwucht
You can see their show here:
M. Gilbert and his flea Madame Fifine, who just jumped in the water ;)

I think my favourite was “Doktor Marrax und Pavel Söhne”, because they had that odd Victorian feeling to their show. Doktor Marrax is a magician who works with a special “magic powder” called Marrax-o-fax.
He and his assistant Pavel Söhne advertise their wonder powder with different tricks to convince the public of “buying” it. I had to think of Sweeney Todd and Mr. Pirellis Miracle Elixir. I think that would fit a Steampunk Convention perfectly! 
Doctor Marrax advertising Marrax-O-Fax
The only thing I kind of missed was the walking act of a guy trying to sell “pictures” to the guests and was caught because of indecent behaviour by the Gendarmes and hanged shortly afterward. Not only because I really liked that idea of bringing life to the market, no this year we brought our own “pictures” to swap with him :D just to see his surprised face. Too bad he wasn’t there.

But nonetheless it was an awesome event, we had a lot of fun and I really look forward to next year’s edition.
If you want to see more pictures including more fun pictures and outtakes: visit my flickr album from here.

That was the first event I wanted to give a report on. The next one will be on the Aethercircus, the first German Steampunk Convention in Stade the weekend before last week. The Steampunk Expedition Camp set up tents there and I spend the last few weeks preparing stuff for it (like building a sun sail with my dad^^) beside visiting the Hexentanz festival the weekend before the Aethercircus*cough*

It’s the first “real” time we did the Expedition Camp after the test at Luxemburg SteampunkConvention Anno 1900. So stay tuned!

To get into the right Expedition mode: a short film Thomas, Vala and I made at Elf Fantasy Fair 2012 in Arcen ;)