Apr 19, 2013

~about some awards~

During the last half year I was nominated for some awards by my beloved readers, and although I feel very honoured I got them I didn’t had the time to write about them. But I want to catch up on that now.

First of all the Kinderschuh-Award. (=children’s shoe award, from “in den Kinderschuhen stecken” meaning to be in the fledgling stages)

I got it last September (sorry!) from kuryu from Stoff im Gehirn (=fabric in the brain), a great Lolita and Blogger who is at my local Lolita and Steampunk community. I’m just astonished at the amount of clothes she already sewed! To me it seems, like she produces a new dress every week ;)
Make sure you check out her blog!

Well here are the rules for the Kinderschuh – Award (I translated them from German)

1.       The blog you nominate should not have more than 200 readers.
2.       You should write about the award on your blog.
3.       You should link back to the blog you nominated you, so it gets better known.
4.       Nominate five other blogs and let them know they are nominated.
5.       Copy the rules to you blog.
The next one also came from kuryu, it’s the Liebster Award (=Favourite Award).

Here are the rules:
The „Liebster“ Award is given to new Bloggers with under 200 Followers.

-          Post eleven facts about yourself
-          Answer the eleven questions you got from the one who’s given you the award.
-          Make up eleven new questions.
-          Nominate eleven other Bloggers and link them in your Blog.
-          Tell them, that they are nominated.

Well, I did something similar some while a go here. So I don’t want to bore you with more facts, you can read some random stuff about me in that old post ;)

Here are the questions from kuryu:

1 How would your flat look like if you could start all over again?
Basically the same as it looks now, I only moved in one and a half year ago. Actually I’m living in a shared flat and I own 25m², which are all white because the rooms are so ceiling is so low and the windows are so small so I have to have light coloured furniture. I’m not so much into pastel colours so white is my only choice possible^^

2 What’s your favourite holiday?
Mh… there are many great holidays I can think of. One of the more normal holidays is to go see a nice city, go to different museums, one day shopping and maybe a lolita meet.
Another one is going to an event like Steampunk Convention Anno 1900 or Elf Fantasy fair and staying the weekend with other Steampunks, :D OR go to a music festival and meet friends there.
Luckily there is the Hexentanz Festival next week and the weekend after that is the Aethercircus, a big Steampunk Festival where we’ll take part with the Steampunk Expedition Camp. So great (short) holidays ahead ^^

3 What would you like to do since forever?
Puh... difficult one! I think I like to go skydiving :D

4 With which famous person would you like to talk?
I’d like to meet Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld novels. Those are my absolutely favourite books!
 5 What’s your favourite book? 

6 Tea of coffee?
Definitely tea! I’m currently drinking about 3 full kettles every day. I only drink coffee when I visit my grandma 8because she hasn’t got something else then coffee, grape juice or water) of if I need to get awake!

7 What’s your favourite fabric?
 Mh… I like all kinds of stripey fabrics. Best if they are cotton or wool.

8 Cat or dog? Why?
Since I have both at my parent’s home, I really can’t decide. 
My dog Paulina and my cat Leo
9 What five things would you take to a lonely island?
My swiss army knife would be my first choice. Enough to read! A hammock, something to carry water in it and something to make fire.

10 What’s your favourite colour?
With clothing: brown! (Yeah the Steampunk in me^^)  Well, other than that I like purple and red.

11 Why do you blog?
Mh… I started blogging because I knew no other blog about Steampunk and Lolita (and still only know one other, if you know more, please let me know!).  A big inspiration was F yeah Lolita.

Now onto my eleven questions:
1 What’s your favourite TV series?
2 Favourite movie star?
3 Favourite author?
4 Do you sew?
5 If yes, what was the last thing you made? / if no, would you like to learn it?
6 Do you do any handcrafts? (knitting, crocheting, etc.)
7 What was the last occasion you wrote somebody a card or letter?
8 Rice or Noodles?
9 What was the last concert you went to?
10 Do you have a pet? What is it? (Would you want one?)
11 What’s your favourite childhood memory?


The next one is the Best Blog Award, I got it from Natz Schaf from Junimondig

The rules are quite similar like the ones for the Liebster Award, so I’ll just answer her questions:

1 When cooking: what do you like better: main dish or dessert?
Mh… I think I like making main dishes more, because I’m better at that^^

2 What’s more important for you with a person: personality or appearance?
I have to admit, that I sometimes like to judge other peoples clothes (by my own personal standarts…) but if I’m friend with somebody the appearance does not count at all!

3 When did you start your blog? 
Well, my first entry was on 9th November 2010! I just checked it, didn’t knew it was so long ago!

4 Which person did inspire you to start something new?
Mh… there are always a lot of people that inspire me to do certain things, so I cannot think of one single person…
My parents are very inspirational for me, but so are a lot of others.

5 Do you follow many blogs?
Mh.. .kind of. There are over 100 atm. But quite a few do not post very often, plus I do not check them very often at the moment, because I’m quite busy >_<

6 Do you like cooking or do you prefer if somebody else cooks for you?
I don’t know many people that are extraordinary cooks, so I’d say cooking together is the best^^

7 Which book do you read at the moment? 
I re-read “Rivers of London” by Ben Aaronovitch. I honestly LOVE that series! Especially with all its hints to Doctor Who, Steampunk and other stuff I like :D

8 Which piece of clothing lasted the longest time in your closet?
I believe this might be my Landrover boots… or one of my jackets, I honestly don’t know. 

Those boots are sooo comfy and versatile!

9 What’s your favourite recipe?
Currently Pizza crullers. 
(Unfortunately I don't have photos of them >_<)
Boil 200ml water with 60g butter and some bouillon cube (you can also use some other spices instead). Then put in 150g flour. Stir it until it gets a smooth dough. Let it cool down for 10 minutes. Add three eggs and again stir it until the dough gets smooth. Then  add some grated cheese and the pizza ingredients you like (tomato, paprika, salami, …)  Make small portions on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for 25min by 200°C

10 Which are qualities a person should have to be your friend?
Always tell me truth, and please forgive me, that I’m really chaotic…

11 What’s your favourite film?
I got a lot of movies I like, currently I really like Sherlock Holmes and Star Dust!

And here comes the last one:

It’s the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award“. I got it from Artemisia Moltabocca who’s writing the “Diary of a renaissance seamstress”.
She got some really awesome outfits over there so make sure you check them out!

The rules are simple:
To accept the award, one must:
1. Display the award and link back to the person who nominated you.
2. State 7 facts about yourself.
3. Give out the award to 15 inspiring bloggers.
4. Notify the winners. 

As for the Liebster Award, I just link to the last time of being tagged for some random facts about me, because this would just take up so much space^^

Thank you all for those Awards!

Now here come my nominations (as the rules are quite similar, I only nominated some few fellow bloggers for two of the awards above): 

For the Liebster-Award I nominate: 
Punkangel from Lolita goes Bad, a cool mixture of fashion, sewing, lolita and random stuff^^
Jewel Doll from Jewel-doll, who just started blogging. She's into Lolita and Cosplay and does a awesome job on both!
Sayoko Mei from Aristocratic Rose, a fellow lolita and Steampunk. 
Tutulla from Tutulla denkt noch über einen Blotitel nach (=Tutulla's still thinking about a blog title), another fellow Steampunk.
 Melbillism from Moi-mijr/Brainstorming, a random personal blog I stumbled upon^^
cheshire cat from My Little Crazy Universe, a very talented young artist (I really like her drawings!) 
Fräulein Jabberwocky from FräuleinJabberwocky's, talented seamstress and crafter.

I'm looking forward to your answers!
For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award I nominate: 
Hedgefairy from Teaparties and Fairytales, a very talented artist, fellow archeology student and Steampunk. (She's also the one who does the Bordfunk Podcast at Clockworker together with Alex ;) )
Heinrich from Scallawag, another fellow Steampunk and Pirate Enthusiast. (I'll bet he never got a blog award :D) 
Bathina from Bathina Cute Lou, an AWESOME seamstress! I really adore her creations! 

Kuryu from Stoff im Gehirn, another awesome seamstress! I really don't get, where she gets all the time from for all her great creations (wether it's steampunk, lolita or cosplay...) 

and last, but defintely not least: Hilde from House of Secrets Incorporated, Steampunk Lolita, seamstress, founder of BCM, authour at The Gatehouse (Gazette) and one of the best friends I made online!  
http://www.houseofsecretsincorporated.be/ - http://hildekitten.livejournal.com/

Thank you all for being an inspiration! 

I know, I should have awarded more people, but writing this entry already took me three evenings, and letting the awarded know, will eat another one, so if you, dear readers, like to answer my questions, or give the Award to one of your favourite Blogs, feel free to grab the questions/rules ;) 

Have a lovely weekend!

Apr 13, 2013

~about another Steampunk-y event on Poupée Girl~

The japanese dress-up game page Poupée Girl currently has a event featuring a lot of steampunk-y clothes.

This time, it's not explicitlySteampunk, like the last time I wrote about Poupée. They call it "Old Movie Star Event", but I think you can create some awesome Steampunk outfits for your Poupée. This is what mine looked like the past days:
This is what the Poupée Staff suggests:

Unfortunately (as always) you need to buy jewels (one of the currencies of the game) to get the really cool stuff >_< But I really enjoy this event^^ -->TOP HATS <3

You can get directly to Poupée and get a bonus for signing up new if you click the gadget on the left ;)

Or do you already play Poupée Girl? Or any other dress-up games? Do you like to dress them up in Steampunk / Lolita?
Show me yours!