Mar 25, 2014

~About a steampunk meet-up~

Last Sunday was another meet-up of my local steampunk community Dampfkraft Gesellschaft Rheinprovinz (DaKraG). This time we went to the pancake house in Hattingen.
My outfit fit the pancake house^^

The pancake house (or Pfannekuchenhaus in German) is a small half-timbered house in the historical centre of Hattingen. As we were quite many we had the whole upper storey for us alone. As the name suggests they serve pancakes in all ways you can think of: sweet ones with chocolate or salty ones with cheese and bacon for example. But you can also have steak on you pancake o.O (as one of the girls mentioned: for those husbands that had preferred the steakhouse^^)
The "hat desk"
After we ate we started changing places so everybody could talk not only to the ones at your own table but also to the rest.
Before the first wanted to leave we went outside to take the obligatory group photo (I'm usually the one that starts asking if we want to do one so there's kind of the ongoing joke of me wanting to take a group picture^^)
After the group shot my friend Andrea from Stoff im Gehirn and I did some outfit shots of each other as it's not that common within the DaKraG. It must be the lolita in us that wants decent photos...
I managed to get a snap of my friend Thomas as well: we had met some weeks before to work on his outfit and in the meantime he could finish his leather top hat.

After that we went inside again and chatted a little longer (making plans for the expedition camp at Elfia Haarzuilens and the like).

As more and more people left, a part of us decided to take a little stroll through the historical city centre. One of the group members had told us that there is a “steampunk letterbox” so we had a look.
Hattingen is really a beautiful little city, we once had a lolita meet-up there as well, because it's so picturesque.
As we walked it started to rain so we decided to leave as well.

Steampunks in their natural habitat, you can see their hunting habits
I really enjoyed the meet-up and I was glad to see all the steampunks again, especially not being the only steampunk lolita there thanks to Andrea, plus it was the first meet-up for my friend Thomas.
As you might have seen in my entry about the planned events for 2014 the Elfia is up next, so stay curious for what to come ;)

Mar 17, 2014

~About Airkraken Day~

Happy Airkraken Day by AyraLeona
Happy Airkraken Day, a photo by AyraLeona on Flickr.
I wish you all a Happy Airkraken Day! (And of course happy St. Patrick's day as well!)

If you don't know what Airkraken Day is, you can find an explanation in my entry from last year