May 8, 2014

~about KiKA @ Aethercircus~

Last weekend was the Aethercircus Steampunk Festival in Stade. Germany's first and (so far) biggest Steampunk event.
As I announced in my preview post about 2014 we set up camp there with the Steampunk Expeditions Gesellschaft. On saturday the German children's TV KiKA came to our camp to make a short show for KiKA live! (which is the show for 14-18 year olds). Nici and I talked with the moderator Ben about steampunk and together with the camp we made a short movie.

Ben also rode the steam tractor and visited Horatius Steam and Teleman von Phones exhibition of steampunked objects. The band Drachenflug (who also organises the event) made an appearance as well as Daniel Malheur. Even my all time favourite band Coppelius showed up with their new video "Spieldose" in the 9min smash up of steampunk.

But now enough, here's the video:
(it's in German only, but the pictures show a lot of the festival athmosphere ;) )

(Whoever has more information and/or links to the appearing persons, feel free to drop me a comment ;) )

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