Aug 24, 2015

~Blog Notice~

As you might have recognized it's gotten really quiet here. Since university, work and my personal projects are taking more and more time I don't really have the time for this blog anymore.

I don't want to delete it because there are still some things I really like and still quote when asked, so I add some information here at the top where you still can find me, what projects I have etc.

UPDATE: Since the information below is already five years old and you might still stumble across this blog, I thought I'd add my current main social media outlets which are: Instagram @rufflesandsteam and YouTube, besides my still existing facebook page.

I'm still quite active on my tumblr Ruffles and Steam (which is my main tumblr for Steampunk and Lolita) and I also have one for Mori/Dolly related stuff Lace and Layers.

From time to time I update my deviantArt profile AyraLeona as well.

At the moment I want to spend more time in front of a camera again so I set up a profile on Model-Kartei as well, if you are interested in doing some photos with me feel free to drop me a line there. 

The main amount of my pictures from concerts, events and co goes to my flickR account Ruffles and Steam by AyraLeona.

If you want to contact me the easiest way is via my facebook page Ruffles and Steam.

As some might have noticed my current project was my own book: "Das Große Steampanoptikum" together with Alex Jahnke which is a steampunk lookbook of authors, makers, models, artists etc. from the German-speaking area.
It can be bought directly at the publishing house "Edition Roter Drache" (or on Amazon of course). You'll find the dates of readings and signings here. 

I'm also still an active author at the Clockworker and the Gatehouse and you can contact me there, too.

When I'm not visiting events for review purposes or readings of the Steampanoptikum, it might well be, that I'm there with the Steampunk Expeditions Gesellschaft. We're always looking for new member to join the crew, so feel free to contact the team on the homepage. 

So you see, I'm still busy within Steampunk (and also Lolita from time to time) but I just don't find enough time to update this blog anymore. You now have some options where you can sty in touch with me. If you have any comments, questions etc. feel free to contact me via one of the above options.

Have a wonderful time my dear travelors,
yours AyraLeona

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