Jul 4, 2014

~about WGT outfits 2014~

As promised in my last entry here come my outfits from Wave Gotik Treffen.

Friday started with the Victorian Picnic at the Clara Zetkin Park.
We went as a group of servants (not only maids, we also had a butler but he was already gone when we took this picture)
Since it was the day-off of the servants, sun glasses fit as well:
skirt + apron + headdress: Bodyline
underskirt + blouse: thirfted
sun glasses: Vintage

In the evening I changed into more comfortable clothes, Casual Steampunk Lolita: 
shoes: Deichmann
socks: off-brand
dress: Orsay, dyed by me
belt: Primark (I believe) 
blouse: a gift from Kitty
hat + choker: self-made
bag: restyle.pl
On Saturday the Steampunk Picnic took place, so I wore Steampunk Lolita

dress+ shoes: Bodyline
socks: ?
vest: Takko, modified by me
chocker and googles: made by me
nerf: modified by me
hat: thrifted
On I decided to go for Classic Lolita, including tights and a long blouse (although it was chiffon) as I knew we would mostly spend the day inside of rooms with air-con.
Also on my deviantArt
This time we also took some detail photos.
shoes: Deichmann
tights: Primark
dress: taobao (Cinderella Story I believe)
chiffon blouse: Primark
hat: self-made
bag: taobao (Loris)
gloves: Vintage (ebay)
leather bow: Poorman's Gold Label
choker: handmade by me
brooch: hand-made (Rarebear Grumman)

In the evening the girls and me decided to go as "The Bloomer Gang" to see Tarja Turnunen
That's the good thing being a lolita: Most of the time you have a decent amout of short pants with you ^_^

On Monday I woke up quite eraly so I decided to do a fancier make-up which I normally wouldn't have dine, because the outfit I planned for it was too much fabric for the temperatures but I improvised another outfit around the make-up and I quite like how it turned out ^_^
Steampunk Mechanical Doll

shoes: antaina
socks: Primark, dyed by me
dress: Orsay, dyed by me
bag: restyle.pl
leather bow: poorman's gold label
choker: selfmade
goggles: modified by me
kraken on top of my head: crocheted by me

So those were my outfits for WGT 2014. A lot of Lolita or Lolita inspired stuff as well as Steampunk. I guess one can see my preferred styles ^^

I hope you like it! Have a nice weekend! Seems like the summer finally arrived.

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